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Billings County Weed Control Board

"You Say it We Spray it"



Billings County offers private land spraying services, but due to the high demand they are limited. We offer private land spraying for a maximum of two spray days, with one crew. We charge $30.00 an hour for equipment use, half the price of chemical sprayed, and half of labor expenses. These prices are only available when grants are present to cover the additional costs. Otherwise, landowners will be charged for the entire cost of chemical and hourly wages of sprayers.  Landowners must call yearly to be put on the spray list, due to the high demand for our spraying services. These landowners will be sprayed for in the order in which they call or by the type of weeds needing sprayed. Please contact us with any questions about this process or to be added to our 2021 spray list. 


The Billings County Weed Control Board (BCWCB) hosts several field days each year, for the collections of Leafy Spurge flea beetles. Click the picture above for collection dates, time, locations, and directions to collections sites. At fields days the BCWCB assists in sweeping, sorting, measuring, and dispersing flea beetles. Beetles are distributed evenly amongst everyone that actively participates in the collections. Beetles are sorted and placed in containers in BCWCB coolers until the collection is complete. 

Click Here for Dates and Directions to Collection Sites


Please click on the picture above to view a list of chemicals and prices that will be available with cost share for Billings County landowners in 2020. Restricted use products (RUP) will require proof of certification to purchase. Billings County landowners may purchase up to one thousand dollars in chemical each year and will be responsible for paying only 30% of all chemical costs up to one thousands dollars in value. After exceeding the cap, landowners will be responsible for 100% of additional chemicals purchased.


The Billings County Weed Control Board will have prairie dog bait for sale each year between October 1st and March 15th. Billings County residents are eligible for cost share on bait. However, prairie dog bait is a Restricted Use Product (RUP) so anyone wanting to purchase will be required to show proof of being a certified applicator within North Dakota. 

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The Little Missouri Grazing Association (MGA) has two spray units that are available for MGA members to checkout and use. Units are equipped with 75 gallon tanks, 100 feet of hose, boomless nozzels, high volume pump, and honda engine. Please contact BCWCB with any questions on checking out a unit.  


The Billings County Weed Control Board has been working with the U.S. Forest Service on aerial applications on federal land within the National Grasslands for the past several years.  Applications are performed in the fall of the year when trees are dormant. So far all the aerial applications that have been performed were on areas heavily infested with Leafy Spurge. We hope to add addition noxious weeds into these applications in future years. If you have any questions regarding these applications please contact the Billings County Weed Control Board. 



We provide private land spraying for Billings County landowners. Due to the high demand for our services we will be limited to the amount of private land spraying we can do in 2022. 


We have staff delegated for spraying strictly on U.S. Forest Service land within Billings County. Allotment holders can call and be put on the spray list to have their allotments sprayed. Applications are limited to two days to better serve all producers needing spraying services.