County Infestations


In 2006 we discovered an initial houndstongue infestation in the north western part of the county. In 2007, houndstongue was found five miles from the first infestation site. A year later, more houndstongue appeared along the Little Missouri River, concluding this species of noxious weed spreads very fast. In 2016, the BCWCB treated several acres of Houndstongue, most of the acres treated were areas that are treated yearly. Houndstongue is toxic to animals; therefore, controlling this noxious weed is of utmost importance. In 2016 we discovered a large infestation of Houndstongue just south of Medora. 

Salt Cedar

In 2015 the county found two salt cedar trees both were treated with chemical and were checked in the spring of 2016 to make sure the treatments were successful. If you see or think you know where a salt cedar tree is within Billings County please contact Katie at 701-218-0113.