Flea Beetles for Leafy Spurge

 The BCWCB will continue hosting flee beetle collections days for the control of Leafy Spurge in 2017. Producers who would like to attend can contact the BCWCB at 701-575-2215 or Katie Clyde at 701-218-0113 with any questions regarding the 2017 collections. Beetles usually start to appear around middle to late June. In 2016 the BCWCB hosted multiple collections days, and had several landowners and agencies attend. Last year we had morning and afternoon collections on each day to better accommodate everyone who attended. Our plan for 2017 is to have two sessions each collection day to give everyone an opportunity to come and collect. We are very happy with all the people that continue to attend these field days, along with the individuals that have just started joining us. Biological control is a great tool to use to help control Leafy Spurge, it can also be incorporated with other control methods to increase its effectiveness. Once collections dates have been set for 2017 they will be listed on this site, we will also notify U.S. Forest Service, Aphis, and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

Stem Weevils for Canada Thistle

In 2009, Billings County received 5,000 stem weevils from a RC&D grant. The weevils were released in ten different Canada Thistle infestations. In addition, 1,600 stem weevils from the ND State Ag. Department, were released in four different Canada Thistle infestations. In 2009, we also released gall flies in the same area. We saw increased gall fly activity throughout the county in 2013.

Gall flies lay their eggs in the stem of the plant and a fairly large ball is formed on the stem of the plant.